About my self


Hello and nice of you to visit my homepage.
Let me tell you a little about myself.
I was born in April 1941 up in the North of Sweden
a place called Östersund. I spent my first years in  a small village named Lit.
Just North of Östersund. During the WWII there was not much work around the area
so the family moved a lot. You had to go were there was work. I guess a lot of people can tell the same story as I. Peace came in 1945 and everyone was happy. Still not much for my father to do, so the family moved down South to the Capital, Stockholm. The year is 1951.
I was amazed that there were trains on the streets of Stockholm.
I ended school in 1956. Started to work and help support the family. Two more kids
born in Stockholm, there are now 5 of us, kids that is. Two sisters and two brothers. I worked during the summer on a ferryboat running between The Old Town and the amusmentpark on Djurgården.
One of the passengers asked me one day, “Do you want to spend the rest of your young life
traveling on this ferry, when the hole world is at  your feet”? A very good question.
I said no and the guy told me to go to the seamen’s house and look for a boat.
Next day I did. Checked everything out, got my shots, smallpox, yellow fever, cholera and what not. I was listed at the seaman’s house, and believe it or not, within 5 days I got me a boat. m/s Bohus, Swedish Lloyd. From Stockholm to the South Europe. Got really seasick in the Bay of Biscay, only for about 35 minutes….then all cleared up and, never had that disease again.I turned 16 years in Barcelona…what a party, I still hate the smell of that egg liqueur 43. Back in Stockholm I went ashore and on to a new ship, m/s Brasil, Johnson Line.
We were bound for the West coast of South America. Venezuela, La Guaira was the first stop.
After that Maracaibo and on to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile. Up and down the coast.
On Brasil I learned CW, navigate and how to load a ship. After that ship I signed on to the Swedish American Line, m/s Gripsholm. The trip toke me around Africa.
Now the year is 1960 and I’m due for the service. Icebreaker Oden I . Was a radioman onboard.
Signed off in 1961 and ended up at a helicopter division in a place called Berga.
Married in 1962, have two wonderful kids and four grandkids. Living alone since 1976.

 My equipment today is Kenwood TS 570 DG & TS 850 SAT + TL 922 A.
The first 19 years as a ham op. I used the straight key, had problems with the paddle, but today it’s working for me. There is one person who had a big influence on me, Jerry, W2JZK,
his advice to me trying to work DXCC, WAS, WAZ a.s.o. was very helpful. I visited him and his family, Michele & Jackie many times in New York, The door was always open so was his heart. Jerry is now a Silent Key and I still miss him and his advice.

 We were a lots of hams meeting on 14.247, WA2BHO (now N2CE), WB2ZHB,
TI2KX, VP2VE, 4X6UO, WA4JTK(Silent Key), W9ARV (Silent Key), W8MCA, KA3BCO, G0BJN, KL7H/W6 (now N6FF), KB7SO, WB5KYF(Silent Key) IK7JTF,9H1HZ,LA8RFA,TU2JL,WB6EQX,W9KIA,
AL0E….!!!  We had fun on that QRG. Hope the condx will return.
Again thank you for visiting and hope to meet you on any QRG.
73’s de Leif SM5FWW, SM5W, J79FWW.